Latin Music on Spotify (Playlists)

Latin music is awesome, for that reason I would like to share some Latin Music playlists on Spotify. See my selection for you: Latin Fiesta Latin Pop Classics Latin Dance Salsa y Merengue Exitos Salsa Merengue Mark Anthony Shakira Mana Enjoy!


Correct pronunciation of R and RR in Spanish

In my opinion, to get the appropriate sound for R and RR is one of the most difficult things to learn in Spanish. Philip is one of my Spanish students, he sent me some useful material about this matter. I would like to share this tips with you. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you... Continue Reading →

Pastel de Jaiba (Crab Pudding)

Ingredients: 400 ml heavy cream 200 g white bread, crust removed (preferably a sturdy bakery bread that will retain a bit of texture once soaked) 800 g whole blue crabs, cooked 80 g butter 100 g gouda cheese, grated (smoked Gouda would be good here) 50 g parmesan cheese, grated (fresh, not the sprinkle kind... Continue Reading →

Verbs – Modes and Tenses in Spanish

This article is about the use of verbal modes and tenses. Spanish verbs are conjugated in four modes: indicative (indicativo), subjunctive (subjuntivo), and imperative (imperativo). All these modes have one or more tenses and compound tenses. Read on if you want to know more about in which cases to use these modes and tenses. 1.... Continue Reading →

Visit Colombia

Colombia has significant natural resources and its culture reflects the indigenous Indian, Spanish and African origins of its people. The fourth largest country in South America and one of the continent's most populous nations, Colombia has substantial oil reserves and is a major producer of gold, silver, emeralds, platinum and coal. Colombian people is very... Continue Reading →

Colors in Spanish

We know it is very important naming colors in Spanish correctly. See some colors in Spanish below: Spanish English Amarillo Yellow Rojo Red Naranja Orange Verde Green Azul Blue Morado / Violeta Purple / Violet Negro Black Gris Grey Rosa / Rosado Pink Café / Marrón Brown Blanco White   To learn more see the... Continue Reading →

Prepositions in Spanish

Prepositions are used to indicate a relationship between two words, linking them together. These words usually show location, direction, or time. As preposition suggests, these words precede the word or words it links. There are simple prepositions, which consist of only one word, and compound prepositions, which consist of multiple words. Simple prepositions A to,... Continue Reading →

Visit Chile

Chile is an amazing place to visit. North of the country has the driest desert in the world and the south has is similar landscapes as New Zealand. I would like to share some places in Chile you should visit. Top 10 Places to Visit in Chile Chile in 6 minutes

3 songs to practice Spanish

Learning Spanish through music is a very good way. You can practice reading, listening and speaking. Below, you can see three songs: Shakira - No, Enrique Iglesias ft Gente de Zona - Bailando and Ricky Martin - Mas. Lyrics are included in the video as well as in a document. Shakira - No See lyrics... Continue Reading →

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